To people who talk publicly about their profession

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To all the designers, project managers, owners, writers, coaches — everybody who writes articles, gives talks, or speaks into podcast microphones about their profession: may I ask you a favor?

It would be helpful if you always provide specific context about your point of view and the experience your insights are based upon. We need to put you in a corner (in a nice way) to catch your drift, along the lines of:

  • Agency vs. enterprise vs. startup vs. university
  • Commercial vs. educational vs. public services
  • Is the product itself the product or a means to an end (like selling something)?
  • Is this about creating something new or have you been expanding on an existing product?
  • What’s your market like? Lots of competition, high customer/user expectations?
  • Etc.

Feel free to add anything that helps your audience visualize your thoughts in a specific story environment. Thanks!